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Human Resources – Strategic Partner for Services: Six Keys for Success!

The evolution of services and solutions-led businesses provides an exciting array of strategic partnering opportunities for HR. Through first hand experience assisting our clients, we have found that by strengthening and aligning your HR strategy, recruiting and talent management practices, performance management tools, compensation and incentive plans, staff transition and Integration processes, and the collaborative leadership capabilities of your services management team, HR can help your organization put all the pieces together to fully utilize the talents of your people working collaboratively to solve client problems … and to achieve success in services sooner! Download this informative White Paper here.......

Selling Value-Added Services, ten keys to leading a strategic account in the new world of providing solutions over products

The INSIGHT Group led four sessions at the Strategic Account Management Association’s (SAMA) annual conference. In the Selling Value-Added Services, ten keys to leading a strategic account in the new world of providing solutions over products were reviewed. The 10 keys are -


  1. Know your customer – better than they know themselves
  2. Know your own company – products and capabilities
  3. Know the client’s industry – what others are doing

  4. Develop a network inside your client and inside your own company
  5. Build a network of business relationships

  6. Solve the client’s problem, with integrated solutions & joint solution development – don’t just sell product
  7. Make your company deliver – provide a single point of contact with authority

  8. Lead and engage the entire team
  9. Build credibility – through continuity, coverage and professionalism
  10. Act with integrity

These are proven requirements to being a successful strategic account manager. Many account managers try to take short cuts. There is no way to achieve significant results without putting in the effort to “do it right”. click here to read more...

Selling Value-added Services and Solutions

The INSIGHT Group has recently led seven sessions at the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) Annual Conference and the ASU Center for Services Leadership Annual Symposium. Feedback was received from almost 200 participants indicating ‘what’s working’ and ‘what’s not’ regarding selling and delivering value added services and solutions in their companies. There were major gaps identified in both the sales processes and services business. Over 50% of the participants who responded to the services sales survey said –

Over 50% of the respondents to the services and solution survey said –

For more on the customer’s view – click here...

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Results Revealed for Services Culture and Business Model Study

At Arizona State University’s Center for Services Leadership annual Symposium The INSIGHT Group led two well attended and highly interactive sessions. Attendees provided feedback on a self assessment questionnaire at the beginning of each session. The participants were ‘self-selected’ and the insights provided were very revealing. more...

Survey Results from INSIGHT's Services Infusion Session at the ASU Center for Services Leadership - Selling Value-added Services and Solutions

The INSIGHT Group facilitated two interactive sessions at Arizona State University's Center for Services Leadership. This article reveals the results from the second session "Selling Value-added Services and Solutions". more...


Stephen T. Huhn, Joins The INSIGHT Group as a Partner

Steve Huhn

Steve Huhn has become a partner of the INSIGHT Group. Steve played a critical role in the creation and growth of two of the largest IT services businesses in the industry today, IBM Global Services and HP Enterprise Services. more...

Dr. Stephen Brown Joins The INSIGHT Group

Photo of Steve Brown

Steve Brown

INSIGHT Strategic Partner

Stephen W Brown, PhD and Emeritus Professor of ASU has become a Strategic Partner at The INSIGHT Group more...

Ed Petrozelli, President and CEO of The INSIGHT Group, keynotes Lincoln International Investment Banking event.

Photo of Ed Petrozelli
Ed Petrozelli

INSIGHT President & CEO